End violence against women and girls, says UNESCO Caribbean

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Caribbean: A campaign ‘16 days of activism against Gender-Based Violence’ was introduced for the prevention of the violence against women and girls. This even is the widely seen human rights violation across the globe.

Notably, there are multiple ways which can lead towards the end of violation as globally more than 54.5% older women suffer from this from their intimate partners because the ‘No’ by women is not considered as ‘No’. 

Moreover, the records have clearly revealed that about 33% of women or girls over the world face physical or sexual violence at least even once in their life.

Such a percentage can even be considered with the count of over 200 million women each year. This has raised the need of ending it as the situations are worsening with each passing day.

Significantly, silencing the voice of women is not the solution. However, being in support of them is the solution. 

“This has escalated the need for stronger protection mechanisms to prevent and eliminate violence, harassment, threats, intimidation and discrimination against women human rights defenders, women’s rights advocates and activists.” mentioned UNESCO Caribbean.

Probing ahead, the safety of women is the utmost of everything which is not at all connected with any of the excuses. 

If anything is required is to stop blaming the victims. Rather, investing for women’s safety is the essential part to end the violence which unfortunately, only 1% of the gender focused aid supports women rights organizations.

Considerably, it has also been reported that proper funding for the women’s projects can help to cut the violence by over 50%. Because, women’s organizations are on the frontlines in addressing gender based violence and supporting survivors.

There is even the need of spreading awareness of this around the world, especially to the women of communities who are not aware of the connection between the strength of feminist movements and policies against violence.

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