Edmund Barlett hopes to attract 5 million tourists by 2025, urges local manufacturers to enhance services

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Kingston, Jamaica: The Minister of Tourism, Edmund Barlett urged the local manufacturers to bring innovative ideas with a motive to fulfil the needs and demands of the visitors. He has shared his vision to attract 5 million visitors by 2025. 

As per sources, the Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises have grossed more than $1 billion since the Tourism Linkages Network. It is a division of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), which was implemented its annual Speed Networking initiative. 

Notably, the TEF is a public body of the Ministry of Tourism. Therefore, Minister Barlett addresses the local businesses and asked them, “To put themselves in a position to meet the increasing needs of the sectors for products and services.”

According to the reports, 94 per cent of the hotels in Jamaica were surveyed, and as per tourism buyers, they were satisfied with the products and services offered to them. 

He further stated that the nation is experiencing a drastic growth in tourism. The country has welcomed 1 million visitors on its island since the beginning of this year, 2024. 

Noting this, the achievement has benefitted the nation by USD 1 Billion in foreign exchange. The island has experienced a spike in the number of tourists as compared to last year. 

The nation has achieved a milestone by welcoming approximately 1,000,961 passengers, which is equal to an increase of 15.1 percent since January 2024. 

“Jamaica is experiencing its best ever tourism performance in terms of arrival, inclusive of cruise passengers, stopovers and US dollar earnings”, added Barlett during 9th staging of the Speed Networking Event. 

Keeping this in mind, Tourism Minister Barlett hopes to attract at least 5 million tourists to the island. This objective will be achieved by collaboration with several other key players in the tourism, such as, 

– Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA)

– The Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA)

– The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO)

– Rural Agriculture Development Authority (RADA)

– THE Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC)

The increase in tourism is a testament to the untiring efforts and dedication of the industry stakeholders who made this success possible. 

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