Dominica to foster partnership with WINAIR and ease travel options. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Dominica to foster partnership with WINAIR and ease travel options

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Roseau, Dominica: The Tourism Ministry of Dominica with a vision to enhance air travel options to and from the island and fostering their partnership with the WINAIR conducted a successful meeting. Recently, Denise Charles-Pemberton, the Minister of Tourism of Dominica held several important discussions with the Hans van de Velde, the Chief Executive Officer and Dhanash Ramdath, the Operation Manager of WINAIR and the Air access committee. 

During the discussion, the delegates exchanged dialogues on increasing direct flights and new routes to the island nation. Along with that, they also focused on WINAIR’s vision for the region and expanding the aviation sector of Dominica

With this collaboration, the tourism ministry of Dominica aims to lead the nation towards sustainable tourism. The authorities are making every possible effort in order to elevate the nation to greater heights and offer a plethora and comfortable experience to all the travellers of Dominica. 

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Notably, WINAIR explored several destinations in the island nation during their stay in the country. The destinations visited by the team include Fresh Water Lake, Trafalgar Falls, and the therapeutic Sulphur Springs. 

Along with that they also made their visit to the Kalinago territory and took a tour to the Indian River. During their tour, they enjoyed several exciting and enthralling water sport activities at Soufriere such as snorkelling, diving and kayaking. 

The WINAIR committee has praised Dominica as a tourism spot and also lauded their services. They have also expressed their excitement about the partnership and have promised to offer diverse and best services to the visitors with a vision to provide them an unforgettable experience. 

The collaboration will not only enhance the travel options but will also bring large number of tourists to the country. The tourism sector, being the backbone of the nation has been making constant efforts in order to promote Dominica as a premier destination spot. 

Also, the recently conducted Jazz n Creole Festival captured a huge crowd, which automatically benefitted the economic conditions of the nation.