Dominica: Opposition stands against appointment of Sean Douglas as senator

Jesma Paul Victor seeks the retraction of the appointment of Sean Douglas as Senator.

Dominica leader of opposition Jesma Paul Victor takes a stand against Sean Douglas. (Image Credits: Nature Isle News)
Dominica leader of opposition Jesma Paul Victor takes a stand against Sean Douglas. (Image Credits: Nature Isle News)

The leader of Dominica’s opposition party, Jesma Paul Victor, has appealed to the President Sylvanie Burton, to retract the appointment of Sean Douglas as a Senator.

Ironically, Jesma Paul Victor is the one who is responsible for the senatorial appointment of Sean Douglas and has stated that the decision to stand against him has been a difficult one for her.

According to her official statement on the matter, she has come to this decision after weeks of deliberation and has realized that it is necessary to preserve the democratic system of the nation and its dignity from the excesses of a few individuals.

“I deeply regret this course of action which became necessary because of a significant breach of trust, callus disregard for the principle of collective responsibility in the Parliamentary Opposition, and a refusal to be responsible for unilateral actions that undermine the work of the team.”

Jesma Paul Victor has said categorically that such actions go against the morals upon which the functions of the parliament are based, including representational responsibilities and oversight.

“Further, this severally frustrates upholding integrity, ethical conduct, and the commitment to the highest standards of national service that we strive to honour and uphold at all times.”

Victor also made it a point to discuss the verbal abuse and misogyny directed towards her, asking for her resignation due to the decision she has made in favour of her nation, against Sean Douglas.

Having said that, there are many who do not agree with Victor’s approach and have taken a firm stand against her decision. To many observers and voters, Sean Douglas is a revered figure who is important for the political zeitgeist of Dominica.

The Prime Minister Roosevelt was quick to speak against the verbal abuse coming the way of Jesma Victor. He condemned the “vicious attack” following her decision which went against Sean Douglas’s appointment as an opposition member of parliament.