Dominica: Construction work at Chatwell Feeder Road directed towards completion

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Roseau, Dominica: Improvement works at the Chatwell Feeder Road direct towards the completion of the work. The expectations have given the stance of its competition within eight weeks.

The Chatwell Feeder Road will link the communities of Bellevue Chopin and Pichelin. Also, it will serve as a substitute link road between both. The road will benefit the farmers to a great extent.

This will enhance the resilience of the farmers and the communities nearby as it will help reduce the travel time to the farm. Interestingly, it will also benefit the farmers in other ways, as with the reduced travel time, the wear and tear of the vehicles belonging to farmers will be reduced.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Blue and Green Economy also shared some of the glimpses of the site.

Such construction will lead to the country’s infrastructural development. The authorities of the country are also taking many other initiatives to develop the nation overall. 

The country is undergoing several construction projects, one of which is the International Airport project. It is surging forward with rapid progress and is expected to be completed by 2025. This airport will enhance Dominica’s accessibility worldwide. 

Under this, a 500-acre site has already been cleared, and the construction of roads to serve the connectivity has also been completed. Importantly, more than 200 locals are employed in the project.

This development will boost the tourism sector, as the enhanced global connectivity will make the country stand against all the odds when dealing with transportation. Even so, the country is on the agenda of being the world’s first resilient nation. Such developmental projects contribute to its fulfilment.

The government of the country is rapidly progressing towards fulfilling this agenda.

George Henry
George Henry
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