Department of Tourism of Vanuatu updates about Agritourism Maewo Festival

Department of Tourism of Vanuatu shared an update regarding the Agritourism Maewo Festival.

Port Villa, Vanuatu: Department of Tourism of Vanuatu shared an update regarding the Agritourism Maewo Festival. Meeting Held at Kaiowo Market House to Discuss the Upcoming agritourism Festival in September, according to the latest update shared by the Department.

Through social media, the Department notified that an important meeting took place at the Kaiowo Market House on June 12, 2023, between the Area Administrator, the Councillor, and other key Tourism stakeholders to discuss the highly anticipated agritourism Festival scheduled for September.

Reportedly, the planning and preparations for the agritourism Festival have been ongoing, and this meeting served as a crucial step towards ensuring its success.

The meet was attended by esteemed individuals, including the Area Administrator and the Councillor; the gathering aimed to deliberate on various aspects of the event and chart a course for its smooth execution.

Picture Courtesy: Department of Tourism of Vanuatu

To ensure comprehensive planning and execution, the team embarked on their second Scoping visit to Maewo Island. Building upon the previous team’s accommodation checks conducted earlier in 2021, the group commenced their exploration on Friday, June 9, starting from Navenvene.

The update informed that there would be an expedition where the Department of Tourism will invite interested inbound operators to be part of the inbound team before the actual event.

It is worth noting that Vanuatu is a beautiful group of islands in the South Pacific that offers a fantastic opportunity for agritourism. The islands have fertile soil, stunning landscapes, and different types of weather, making them a perfect place for sustainable agritourism.

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