Davila National High School unites community in Balikbayan, Community Night

Davila National High School unites community in Balikbayan, Community Night

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Manila, Philippines: Davila National High School of Philippines shared glimpse of an evening of joyous homecomings, vibrant community spirit, and unforgettable memories.

On the night of June 13 (Tuesday), the High School mentioned that the heartfelt homecoming of beloved balikbayans took center stage, uniting the warm-hearted residents of the community. Supported by the dedicated faculty of local schools, proactive Barangay Council under the guidance of the inspiring Brgy.

“Captain Elviro Agoo and the dynamic SK Chairperson, Crystal Angelie Cacal, the evening became a true celebration of unity and togetherness,” it noted.

From thrilling raffle draws in-between the program to the presence of our esteemed guest of honor and speaker, Gov. Matthew Marcos Manotoc, and the gracious Mayor of Pasuquin, Robert Aguinaldo, the event blossomed into an extraordinary experience.

“Our talented students also left an indelible mark with their mesmerizing intermission numbers, captivating the crowd and showcasing their remarkable skills,” it stated while expressing gratitude after the event was turned out to be great success.

Davila National High School expressed heartfelt appreciation to the generous sponsors whose support made this Balikbayan and Community Night possible. Their contributions added an extra sparkle to the event and helped create cherished memories.

“A special thank you also goes to the brilliant masters of ceremony, Presenia Trinidad and Rexie Balatico, who skillfully kept the energy high and the smiles bright throughout the event,” it further added while thanking the people behind the success of the event.

In the conclusion, the school mentioned that relive the magic of this Balikbayan and Community Night by immersing yourself in the captivating moments captured in the posted photos. Witness the heartfelt return of our balikbayans, the unwavering support of the community, and the incredible talents on display. Let the images transport one back to a time of unity, joy, and unforgettable memories.