Connect Caribe Ferry to create new jobs, reduce food bill

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The ‘Connect Caribe’ Ferry alliance announced that the venture will transport heavy and light cargo and agricultural produce in the Eastern Caribbean. The proposed private sector-led Caribbean ferry aims to reduce the region’s food import bill, boost transportation and create jobs.

It is to be noted that there will also be passenger service and additional stops throughout the region. Noting this, Connect Caribe hopes to secure the US $50 million, which will be needed to make the modern regional cargo and ferry service a reality by the end of the year. 

Moreover, the project will consist of three vessels such as, 

– A large ferry capable of carrying 800 passengers

– A fast ferry capable of transporting passengers

– A cargo vessel that will initially serve Barbados, Suriname, St Vincent and Saint Lucia before expanding to other countries

During the interaction, information was shared that the standard fare for a round trip should be around $100 (US), excluding the various taxes and government charges. 

However, the investors have other plans, which separate their initiative from Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad, and Tobago’s plan to start a new ferry service among them. 

People and travellers across the globe expressed their enthusiasm and excitement for the idea of ferry service. Some of the comments read as, 

“Good idea for the cargo part, not sure for the boat trips and how long those take, but I love the idea for selling produce amongst the island on a local scale. It could be a wonderful initiative. I hope this takes off.”

“I love this. I am waiting patiently. Let’s hope that will be the case.”

Additionally, Connect Caribe, a private sector-led ferry service, was launched in Barbados, and it focuses on increasing and improving transportation among the Caribbean countries. 

The establishment of the new ferry company is a result of the collaboration of Upturn Funds Caribbean and Pleion Group Incorporated, who had revealed the inauguration of the ‘Connect Caribe.’

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