'Come together as one in this tough time' says PM Mottley

‘Come together as one in this tough time’ says PM Mottley

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Barbados: Community spread of lethal coronavirus created chaos in Barbados. Even the economy is declining, and people are accusing the government of not handling the situation systematically.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley stated, “I am not willing to sacrifice Barbadian lives to stabilize the economy.”

She also stated, “I can’t promise that we won’t lose others, but we are going to ensure that we fight like hell not to lose any. What will it cost us? Probably a significant amount, probably close to $20-$25 million over the next two weeks and probably deeper in terms of more extended economic impact.”

Prime Minister urges the citizens, “come together as one during these tough times.” Furthermore, she added, “We need to bring the country back to a level of balance and to recognize that there will be losses, there will be difficulties, and we have to reconstruct this economy from scratch again, but I feel we can do it because, we have done it once, I know we can do it twice,” 

PM Mottley also stated, “I am saying to you that may be in the same way that we acknowledge that this coronavirus pandemic has come to give the Earth a chance to breathe, that maybe this covid-19 pandemic has come to also strengthen in us what truly matters in terms of our humanity and to make us acknowledge that which all of our leaders have said from the time of Independence, maybe not adequately strong but they have said it nevertheless, that we have to take accountability first for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our community, and our country.”

Barbados reported 26 new positive cases of COVID-19 on Monday, January 25, while 27 persons were redeemed from the viral illness.

The total number of active cases are now reported as 360 (a significant reduction, reflecting an additional number of releases recorded for January after an audit was done).

The 26 new cases were recognized from among the 330 tests conducted by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory. They include 18 women and eight men. The public health laboratory has so far completed 100,129 tests.

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