Citrus Rootstock seedlings sown in Dominica directs towards citrus industry’s expansion

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Roseau, Dominica: Citrus Certification Programme in Dominica establishes Rootstock for expansion. Under this 1,00,000 Citrus Rootstock seedlings have already been sown in the country. This is as part of development and expansion of the citrus industry.

The expansion of Citrus Industry is the part of Ministry’s Five C’s initiative to propagate, replace and replant aged, damaged and destroyed citrus trees. For the same, the scion material is being imported for the budding and grafting to the rootstock of the varieties of citrus plants.

Through this, the Ministry is looking forward to a successful and seamless process to enable farmers with the clean and viable plants in the coming months. And, to have all the information regarding the same, one can speak to the extension officer or visit the nearest farmer service center for information.

The Ministry will then advise the ones who wish to be a part of the procedure and the next steps towards obtaining the plants and other details related.

Recently, CAPA (The Caribbean Agriculture Productivity Improvement Activity Project) represented investment towards fostering agriculture excellence in Dominica. It is aimed at empowering the farmers with market-driven technologies. This will strengthen livelihoods, enhance food security and would foster sustainable agricultural growth.

This highlights a collaborative effort towards sustainable farming practices and increased market access. And, under this, major focus will be laid on the crops that commit towards fostering sustainable development.

Considerably, this will lead towards the economic growth of the country as the investment received ($5.3 million) would not only benefit individual farmers but also would contribute to an objective of enhancing food security and creating employment opportunities.

Such a projection of the growth in the country clearly denotes the betterment of the population of the country. And, the support extended will as well improve the agriculture landscape of the country.

George Henry
George Henry
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