Under the auspices of the Department of Industry and Commerce, the Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization (JKTPO) took part in India Fashion Tex 2023 on Monday in the nation's capital.
India: The Turtuk block's northernmost Indian villages began their Nowruz celebrations with all of the traditional practices.
Central Agricultural University (CAU), which has its main campus in Imphal, will incorporate natural farming into its undergraduate and graduate programmes.
In order to meet Indian Railways' goal of being a net carbon emitter by 2030, the Northeast Frontier Railway (NF Railway) is moving forward at top speed.
In honour of the 75th anniversary of the independence of India, the Ministry of Jal Shakti has selected 75 Water Heritage Sites (WHS), including the Kangla Moat (Kanglapat) of Manipur.
The 2001 census found that minorities make up roughly 20% of the 102.8 crore people in India.
New Delhi, India: The IBA Women's World Championships, taking place in New Delhi from March 15 to 26, have given Farhan Akhtar and legendary MC Mary Kom as their brand ambassadors,
New Delhi, India: The External Affairs Ministry stated on Thursday that India's strategy for oil imports would be determined by the country's needs for energy security.
The Indian Government is making every effort to improve connections in the nation's northeast.
The Indian government intends to connect Jammu and Kashmir to the Amritsar-Kolkata Industrial Corridor (AKIC) in order to improve connectivity and logistical support.