The government of Sri Lanka told authorities that the burqa ban is due to national security grounds while calling it used as religious extremism, but the public suggests that it is racist agenda used to create divisions in Sri Lanka.
Anger and resentment against the military regime in Myanmar have been steadily increasing. But in the amid of all this, public anger has erupted on China, and protesters are targeting Chinese companies. 
The wearing of the burqa will now be banned in Sri Lanka, and more than one thousand Islamic schools will be closed. This step of the government will affect the minority Muslim community here. 
Now the Myanmar residents living in the US would be allowed to stay on temporary status under the Biden administration.
After the death of George Floyd, violent protests erupted in Minneapolis and throughout the United States, and voices were raised against racial discrimination nationwide.
The military is using Lethal Weapons on the protesters to suppress them.
There are reports from external media that the army has killed more than 50 unarmed protesters here, and now the army has intensified the internet blackout.
March is Women's History Month, and the Caribbean countries like Barbados, Dominica, and the Bahamas are celebrating their women by giving them the respect they deserve.
The shipment of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines has been dispatched from India through the OECS and would be distributed among five Caribbean nations
On Friday, UN human rights urged Indian administrations and farmers protesting against Farm Bill 2020 to exercise maximum restraint.