conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd could be a gigantic step forward in the march towards Justice In America
The person that got COVID-19 positive has been identified as games-concerned personnel. The person has also been listed as a non-resident of Japan.
India is celebrating their 72 Republic Day in the national capital Delhi, on the other hand, farmers have started their rally apparently before the decided time.
On May 30th, 91 years old Milkha Singh was discharged, but on June 3, due to the decreasing level of oxygen
Taliban again came up with another restriction for Afghan women, as per which, a woman would not be offered a transport service unless she is being accompanied by a male relative.
Once again, in America, a shooting incident has come to light in Bryan, Texas
The new variant of coronavirus has reached every corner of the world. India has also reported its first 6 cases of this new variant of covid-19 on Tuesday. Recent reports confirmed more 14 patients in the capital of the Country. The mutant found in the people who lately came from the United Kingdom in India.
The Houthi rebels in Yemen then attacked with ballistic missiles in Saudi Arabia. The Iran-backed outfit had also targeted the Gulf country's
March is Women's History Month, and the Caribbean countries like Barbados, Dominica, and the Bahamas are celebrating their women by giving them the respect they deserve.
2020 year has been the worst of all. The whole year was a mixed player of ' We want Justice' and 'We want Vaccine,' people have seen evil truth of respective governmental authorities. At the same time, India is facing a real challenge.