After this bill is passed, Uyghurs who face Chinese government repression will be given refugee status in the US on a priority basis. 
March is Women's History Month, and the Caribbean countries like Barbados, Dominica, and the Bahamas are celebrating their women by giving them the respect they deserve.
Popstar Rihanna's tweet, environmentalist Greta Thunberg and Actress Amanda Cerny on Indian Farmers ignited the flame of spirit in the population.
South Korea has affirmed the first three cases of the new variant coronavirus in the country. This confirmation was given by Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA).
Congressman insisted on India to be a leader in Human Rights under the world's largest Democracy.
India is celebrating their 72 Republic Day in the national capital Delhi, on the other hand, farmers have started their rally apparently before the decided time.
Anger and resentment against the military regime in Myanmar have been steadily increasing. But in the amid of all this, public anger has erupted on China, and protesters are targeting Chinese companies. 
2020 year has been the worst of all. The whole year was a mixed player of ' We want Justice' and 'We want Vaccine,' people have seen evil truth of respective governmental authorities. At the same time, India is facing a real challenge.
The new variant of coronavirus has reached every corner of the world. India has also reported its first 6 cases of this new variant of covid-19 on Tuesday. Recent reports confirmed more 14 patients in the capital of the Country. The mutant found in the people who lately came from the United Kingdom in India.
But in the case of the Modi government reforms, it appears that a mid-course correction is needed.  And more compassionate brand of conservatism and free market policies may be needed.