In Norway wedding, bride wears a crown and the tinkling sound of the crown deflect evil spirits and protect her from their effects and harm in Norway weddings.
The European Union (EU) met with Caribbean Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programmes last week to discuss the operations and management of the programmes. 
Polterabend is a custom in Germany, practiced during wedding ceremonies where relatives of bride and groom break the dishes and ask 'em to clean mess to teach them the importance of unity and hard work, and bring good luck.
From sawing logs to stealing shoes, there are some weird and wonderful wedding traditions around the world. The ‘Spitting on Bride’ is one of the unusual customs of the world.
Times are changing, and the customs and rituals of human existence are evolving at a large scale. South Korea is completely transforming the way people are remembered after their death by following a weird custom of turning ashes into beads.
The world is a land of strange and weird customs. Out of them, the Tinguian Funeral is the one whose funeral custom will leave people stunned. These people make dead bodies look like they’re still alive.
Food around the world showcase the diversity of flavours that makes everybody mood go ‘Wow.’ But one of the world’s most unpalatable foods is Mosquito Burgers.
During Christmas, the Czech Republic, and Romania's hideous beast Krampus accompanies Saint Nicholas and punishes naughty children on the streets.
Numerous tribes of Papua New Guinea which include the Sambia and the Etoro believe that semen promotes sexual maturation among the younger men of their tribe.
The world is such a different place, where every community, country or race shares distinct methods of handling bodies after a person dies.