FlowerStrikeMyanmar takes place in various cities as a tribute to protesters killed by the security forces."
Production Sharing Agreement (PSA), ExxonMobil on Thursday recommended that "unrealistic" local content objectives could have harmful impacts.
The ongoing crisis in Myanmar does not seem to end. More than 550 individuals have been killed
Member of Coronavirus COVID-19 Antigua and Barbuda, Darryl Lake presented an article which demanded "BVI Gateway Traveler Authorization Certificate",
The military blood game continues after the military coup in Myanmar. To suppress the protesters' voice, the army stops them; despite this, the phase of demonstrations
We want liberation from this jailed pandemic, and Tourism Minister Denise Charles's WIN programme opened an arch that can reconstruct lives.
India donated around 58.64 million doses of Indian-made vaccines to over 70 nations, including several Caribbean countries. 
The conditions of Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh is worse, the people's lives are in ashes, and there is no anticipation of hope.
A developed country like Australia, where the source of income entirely depends on immigrants, yet those people have to suffer racial, religion and caste discrimination over the internet as well as in person.
The longer an independent enquiry takes to start investigating crimes against humanity in Tigray,Ethiopia.