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UNC stated, "Typically, to dodge answering the question, PM Keith Rowley, as conventional, tells another Big Lie to deflect and change the respective topic."
Political Party of Trinidad & Tobago, UNC (United National Congress), demands an apology from CNC3's Natalee Legore.
UNC communications stated commentary on Prime Minister Keith Rowley on his crudeness.
Releasing a series of allegations on Prime Minister Keith Rowley after he imposed restriction in wake of COVID-19, UNC accused that PM during press conference compared himself admiringly with the 92 year old, blind Dominican dictator, Joaquín Balaguer.
 UNC constantly had scrutinized the role of duties of the current government. The UNC has criticized Faris Al-Rawi,
UNC Leader stated, "Instead of a rollback, Govt should roll out measures to fix the economy."
 The current Trinidad and Tobago regime are breaching their self-made COVID-19 rules and regulations, stated by UNC.
Vaccination experiences of UNC's MPs clear out all doubts over the COVID-19 vaccine.
Recently, news published in the reputed local newspaper which stated, "Kamla calls Rowley a 'super spreader."
On Tuesday, 13 April 2021, 40,000 doses of Oxford Astra Zeneca COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Trinidad and Tobago.