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Trinidad and Tobago's Education Ministry informed in a press release that the academic year of 2021/2022 would commence from Monday, 6 September 2021 virtually. 
UNC stated, "Typically, to dodge answering the question, PM Keith Rowley, as conventional, tells another Big Lie to deflect and change the respective topic."
Releasing a series of allegations on Prime Minister Keith Rowley after he imposed restriction in wake of COVID-19, UNC accused that PM during press conference compared himself admiringly with the 92 year old, blind Dominican dictator, Joaquín Balaguer.
Political Party of Trinidad & Tobago, UNC (United National Congress), demands an apology from CNC3's Natalee Legore.
UNC Leader stated, "Instead of a rollback, Govt should roll out measures to fix the economy."
Recently, news published in the reputed local newspaper which stated, "Kamla calls Rowley a 'super spreader."
Vaccination experiences of UNC's MPs clear out all doubts over the COVID-19 vaccine.
Joseph said KLM royal Dutch airlines is expected to start its route from Amsterdam - Barbados - Trinidad - Amsterdam
UNC communications stated commentary on Prime Minister Keith Rowley on his crudeness.
 The current Trinidad and Tobago regime are breaching their self-made COVID-19 rules and regulations, stated by UNC.