Guyana announces it has voted in support of a resolution requesting a global call for particular action for the elimination of racism,
Region 10 residents raise primary concerns the previous day that will be addressed at Cabinet.
The Guyana is suffering from heavy rain and flood.
Supporters of the APNU+AFC bearing large pamphlets demonstrating dismissal of scores of African-Guyanese by the current regime
The Health Ministry on Friday denied the rumours of a social media post which alleges that a child died after receiving the Pzifer COVID-19 vaccine in Guyana.
The Acting Chief Justice - Roxane George, on Wednesday announced a compensation of GUY$3.1 million (One Guyana dollar=US$0.008 cents) to a 56-year-old Jamaican woman who has been illegally arrested in prison for a time period of 8 months.
PAHO stated its projections note that Haiti, Jamaica, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Guatemala, St Lucia, and Grenada may not achieve WHO's vaccination coverage target. 
Level-2 disaster is a situation where the country can handle the situation but wants assistance
The vessel, 'Miss Meena,' travelled from Georgetown to the islands with several tons of relief items
One of the inmates of the Brickdam Police Station has confessed that he was behind the fire, which almost destroyed the building.