Eight Caribbean leaders participated in a virtual conference with Prince Charles on the rising issue of climate change.
The number of Barbadians lost to coronavirus increased to 36, on February 28, when three Barbadian ladies died because of the viral ailment. 
Minister of Health & Wellness, Lt. Col. Hon Jeffrey Bostic warned Barbadians to be cautious about raising death rates.
A total of 1,081 tests have been conducted in last 24 hrs.
A total of 1,522 tests have been conducted in a single day
Barbados: The total number of persons with at least one dose is 162,036 (70.9 percent of the eligible population), as per the National Vaccination Programme for COVID-19.
As per the region's Immunisation Unit's information, the vaccines would be available at around six (6) vaccination sites on March 22, 2022 (Tuesday).
Dr Duguid said that if they assess and that eight increases, then that would go up a little higher
The data shows that the total active cases of COVID-19 are 4,096 in number
there are 506 total Barbadians in isolation