Several people got injuries resulting from a crash between a minibus and a car at La Caye, Dennery, on Friday.
as there is a total of 19 volcanoes that are likely to erupt in the eastern-part of the Caribbean, which includes
Trinidad and Tobago's Education Ministry informed in a press release that the academic year of 2021/2022 would commence from Monday, 6 September 2021 virtually. 
According to the Prison officials, these latest cases have been diagnosed in the extensive touch imitation exercise, issues report to prison patients, wardens and civilian staff at that prison. The massive outbreak happened due to bus crawl on Boxing day. Analysation of these patients happening to ascertain the cases included more infectious form of virus or not.
The woman of Jamaica thinks "bleaching makes you nicer, cuter and sexier than you were." Jamaican government's survey says from the year 2017
Kingsley Chin(57), who is a Jamaica-born United States medical doctor and entrepreneur with his several partners, has been charged for conspiracy, money laundering and violating anti-kickback laws by the US authorities. Chin is the founder of the medical manufacturing company SpineFrontier and the head of LEDSspine.
The Health Minister of Jamaica - Dr Christopher Tufton, announced that the Jamaican government is planning to develop a digital COVID-19 vaccination card, which is expected to be available for Jamaicans by December this year.
PM Mottley said that Warren Douglas Mottley passed, and she just wanted to say thank them to all of them who had reached out.
Though, both Vanuatu schemes lack Due Diligence procedure, which is suspected of one of the reasons that might lead the country into the blacklisting.
A dead body of a woman has been found in the Christ Church by the Police personnel from Hastings/Worthing Police Station. The identity has not been yet confirmed by the Police officers, although it is confirmed that the woman was an Irish national who came to visit Barbados.