The world is such a different place, where every community, country or race shares distinct methods of handling bodies after a person dies.
YANOMAMI TRIBE: Where People Eat Flesh Of Their Dead Ones As A Burial Rite.
Germany: Polterabend, a unique German wedding custom, is reserved for the wedding night as a ritual to ensure a successful marriage. In this incredible culture, the guests and relatives break Porcelain pottery to bring luck to the couple's married life.
A fascinating yet shocking weird custom followed in Rajasthan where a mother breastfeeds his son on the day of his marriage.
Bride's aunt sleeps with a groom to check his potency in Banyankole Tribe of Uganda.
A recently published article by Daily Mail has put the UK-based news provider under question for supporting a fugitive through their articles.
Nutritionist has shared some of her involvements with the PCOS sufferer and their painful experiences.
It is estimated that 41% of men will not be able to have kids by 2045-50 as they will become infertile.
Statement and condolence message by the Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Terrance Drew on recent shooting incident in St Peters.
World is full of different cultures, and each of the culture is celebrated with the different beliefs and rituals. One of such rituals is still practices in China, where husbands have to carry pregnant wives over burning coal.