Kenneth Rijock reports how the Royal Police of Antigua submitted a fabricated report to get criminal charges dismissed against the fugitive in Dominica.
Trinidad and Tobago: Boxing Day will never be the same again for Detective Onika Pascual Medina, stated the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.
Jamaica Dancehall artist, Squash, along with two other alleged G-city gang members and the reputed leader of the organization, have been incriminated in the double murder in Lauderhill, Florida.
Trinidad and Tobago: Another stolen vehicle has been intercepted and recovered in the Mayaro district thanks to the quick and diligent work of officers.
Trinidad and Tobago: Police Service has recovered two stolen vehicles and seized a firearm during exercises conducted in the North Eastern Division.
Trinidad and Tobago: Port-of-Spain Division Task Force (PoSDTF) Officers seized a firearm and a quantity of ammunition during a search exercise.
Trinidad and Tobago: Acting Commissioner of Police Erla Christopher is assuring the public that all necessary measures have been implemented to ensure that every citizen is safe and ensure the security of visitors
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has seized 16 high-powered rifles, 5 pistols, several thousand rounds of ammunition, $2.6 M worth in Central Bond.
Trinidad and Tobago: Three suspects have been arrested, a firearm was seized, and a stolen vehicle recovered as officers operating under the active patrol grid system foiled a robbery in Maraval yesterday.
Trinidad and Tobago: Eight persons were arrested, and officers of the Southern Division seized two illegal firearms during a Divisional Firearm Interdiction and Narcotics Eradication exercise.