Dani Alves, a former Brazilian footballer accused of raping a young woman in a VIP section of Barcelona Sutton nightclub on New Year’s Eve
Rio de Janeiro has announced a public health emergency due to an outbreak of dengue fever on Monday, just days prior to the start of the carnival celebrations.
Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Senior US Official visit Guyana and lend their support to President Irfaan Ali, amid border tensions with Venezuela.
PM Gonsalves approached by Guyana to clarify why he was pictured with a map of Venezuela in which Essequibo has been annexed.
Monkeys are fascinating creatures that are known for being intelligent. One of them is the White-faced Saki, also known as Guianan Saki and Golden-faced Saki. These species are counted in the New World Saki monkey.
YANOMAMI TRIBE: Where People Eat Flesh Of Their Dead Ones As A Burial Rite.
The administration of the Republic Of Brazil is offering scholarships to students from Antigua and Barbuda who wishes to pursue their undergraduate degrees in Brazil for the year 2023.
The Governments of Guyana and Brazil, in collaboration with the PAHO, WHO and UNICEF, today launched the 22nd Vaccination Week in the Americans.
A Brazilian footballer - William Ribeiro, has been charged with an attempt to murder after he kicked the Referee in the head, knocking him unconscious.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro led a motorcycle rally in Rio de Janeiro with thousands of his supporters on Sunday.