The Caribbean Export Agency aims to influence the job market. (Image Credits: CARICOM)

Caribbean Export Development Agency promises 400,000 jobs in the next 10 years

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The Caribbean Export Development Agency has made a commitment to creating jobs in the region as a way of expanding the economic footprint of the Caribbean, while also providing financial security to citizens.

The Caribbean Export Development Agency has clarified that it will focus on MSME’s, or micro, small and medium sized enterprises. The agency will look to provide aid by increasing financial lending to promote the propagation of such enterprises, expanding the job market significantly in the process.

Thus, the goal is to partner with such sections of the industry in a game changing manner, while also offering the appropriate forms of training, coupled with market access initiatives.

The current commitment is to offer 300,000 jobs in the near future with the aim of filling the ranks of Caribbean industries to ignite economic growth in the region. The Caribbean Export Development Agency has also made a commitment to bolster the job market within the span of the next ten years, with the expectation that the initiative will lead to the creation of 400,000 jobs in that extended period of time.

To many observers in the region, this is a significant step in ensuring the financial stability of the Caribbean in the future. Beyond the overarching financial expansion that is expected, the initiative is also a brilliant way of making sure that there are plenty of job opportunities for the coming crop of young people.

Employment generation is an issue for most nations in the current economic climate and it is great to see that the Caribbean is displaying excellent foresight in this regard by getting ahead of the issue and planning a long-term solution to mitigate the effects on the region.

This also ensures that industrial sector in the Caribbean finds roots in different pursuits, adding a diverse range of industrial endeavors, bringing more stability and sustainability to Caribbean nations on the whole.

The initiative also sparks a sense of optimism in the younger generation which is often anxious about the job options that they can avail in a faltering market.