British Royal Navy’s HMS Trent seizes drugs worth US$21.1 million in Caribbean

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The HMS Trent of the British Royal Navy, which is known to have been patrolling the Caribbean Sea, managed to conduct two operations which cumulatively led to the seizure of drugs worth US$21.1 million. The operations conducted by the HMS Trent are being looked upon as a severely damaging to drug traffickers and smugglers in the region.

After a port visit to Martinique, the crew on the HMS Trent, which included the Royal Marines, the US Coast Guard and British sailors, intercepted a speedboat laden with drugs.

The Royal Navy subsequently issued a statement on the operation, saying that, “The warship launched her fast sea boats, piloted by Royal Marines of 47 Commando, to intercept the speedboat, seize the drugs and detain the crew before darkness fell.”

With in just 48 hours of this seizure, the HMS Trent coordinated with a US Coast Guard Patrol to locate, pursue and intercept a speedboat carrying drugs. The HMS Trent is said to have captured 200kgs of cocaine, amongst an assortment of other drugs, which have been valued at US$21.1 million by the authorities.

Commander Tim Langford, who leads the crew on the HMS Trent, issued the following statement on Friday, “The flexibility shown by my ship’s company to move straight from high-level defense engagement activity in Martinique straight into successful boarding operations is a testament to their dedication and professionalism.”

He also highlighted the fact that the Royal Navy and the US Coast Guard, along with other partners, collectively deserve praise as they have managed to coordinate seamlessly to make these seizures such successes.

The HMS Trent made headlines when it began operation in the Caribbean at the back end of 2023, due to it approaching Guyana, which was interpreted as a threat to the security of Venezuela by the Maduro government, as the two nations continue to argue over the disputed Essequibo region.

Despite the initial complications, the Royal Navy has admitted publicly that it is impressed by what the HMS Trent and its crew have managed to achieve. The vessel is responsible for drug seizures amounting to £307 million since it began operations in the Caribbean.

The Royal Navy has also revealed that the HMS Trent is responsible for capturing cocaine worth £70.1 million in January, 2024 and also seized £220.56 million in cocaine and other drugs in February, 2024.

Grant Shapps, who is the British Defense Secretary, said that the HMS Trent is the prime example of the efforts the Royal Navy is putting into stifling the drug trafficking operations around the world.

He also said that these operations help ensure that maritime security around the world is maintained, international laws are obeyed and criminal enterprises are disrupted in one sweeping blow.

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