Bhutan: Gyalsey Dumra Recreational Park adds vibrancy to Zhemgang Town

Bhutan: Gyalsey Dumra Recreational Park adds vibrancy to Zhemgang Town

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Thimphu, Bhutan: Zhemgang town in Bhutan’s Trong Gewog is experiencing a vibrant atmosphere following the opening of a new recreational park called Gyalsey Dumra, according to a report by The Bhutan Live.

Spread across an acre of land, the Gyalsey Dumra recreational park is situated in the heart of Zhemgang town. It boasts a variety of amenities, including flowers, plants, and other features.

The park has a paved pathway, shelters, benches for resting, and a restroom. District officials mentioned that the park is dedicated to Prince Gyalsey Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck, a symbol of respect.

The Zhemgang district has been working on making improvements since 2020. As reported by The Bhutan Live, the recreational park has now become a popular destination for the residents of Zhemgang.

Since its opening on June 2, the park has seen a significant increase in the number of visitors and has become a hot topic among the people of Zhemgang town.

According to reports, the park has enhanced the town’s appearance and provides a green space for relaxation and walks.

Lhendup, a resident, expressed, “Anyone can visit the park, even those who are feeling down. Families can gather here for picnics and other leisure activities. Gyalsey Dumra is adorned with lovely flowers and offers improved seating areas. We can come here with tea and snacks, and have a delightful time. It feels like a heavenly place,” as reported by The Bhutan Live.

Another resident named Pema Yuden mentioned that Gyalsey Dumra has a wide range of flowers. It is a great place for young people to spend their free time, and students who are studying flowers can visit the park for their assignments and projects.

To make it accessible during the evening, streetlights have been installed in the park. According to The Bhutan Live, residents consider the park to be a safe spot for hanging out, thanks to the presence of streetlights.