Autopsy results of Ashanti Riley arrives, she died of stabbings on abdomen

Ashanti Riley

Police have received the autopsy results of Ashanti Riley– a teenager who was found dead Santa Cruz, Trinidad and Tobago on Friday.

Officials revealed that Ashanti died of serious injuries caused by sharp objects and it is being suspected that she was stabbed to death.

Riley, who went for her grandmother’s birthday party, could never arrive on occasion and found dead on the riverside. Family of the deceased had recognised the body from the objects found near the dead body, which was in a severe condition.

She was last seen sitting in the car of a private hire taxi driver in San Juan.

The murder has raised a nationwide outrage as a crime against women in Trinidad and Tobago continues to be on greater heights. In 2020, over 45 women have been murdered in the country, and the numbers continue to rise as officials are unable to put a lock.

Ashanti’s aunt Lisa Riley called on politicians to strengthen policy and legislation to regulate PH taxi drivers.

Lisa also stated she demands the government to put more focus on implementing a sex offenders registry, particularly as one of the defendants was involved in a disturbing sexual assault recently.

“If there was a recorded sex offenders list, we would have identified these people or these perpetual offenders, and they wouldn’t be driving taxis in these areas where innocent girls can get in,” stated Lisa Riley.

During the post-Cabinet communications briefing on Saturday, the Prime Minister announced securing pepper spray and Tasers available to the public may place women at greater danger, as they could be utilised by criminals themselves.

While, Police officials claim they have arrested the taxi driver, but he continues to place fingers on other people and says he was innocent and did not do anything.

There are suspected to be three men involved in the brutal murder of the teenager.