Air Canada Boeing 777 catches fire on its way to Paris, lands safely

Air Canada Boeing 777 catches fire on its way to Paris, lands safely

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Toronto, Canada: An Air Canada flight on its way to Paris caught fire as soon as the plane took off from Toronto Pearson International Airport, last week. The Air Canada flight had 389 passengers and 13 crew members were on board when the tragic incident occurred.

The authorities have shared that the plane that caught fire was Boeing 777 jet that took off from Toronto for its destination and after the plane’s engine caught fire while the plane was still climbing the altitude.

The incident got caught on camera, which was shot by the people who were observing the situation from the ground. They shared the video on the internet writing along, one of the engines of the Air Canada flight caught fire amidst its journey to its destination.

Fortunately, the fault was promptly communicated to the flight crew, they calmly managed the situation and landed the aircraft back in 4 minutes time at the airport.

The dramatic situation turned out to be extremely fortunate that the aircraft returned safely and landed smoothly at the airport. Also the passengers and crew members were safe, as no injuries or causalities have been reported.

Air Canada released a statement on the viral video stating, “Video posted to the internet of the incident shows the engine at the point of compressor stall, which can happen with a turbine engine when its aerodynamics are affected. This can be caused by various factors, but the result is the flow of air through the engine is disrupted causing fuel to ignite further down the engine, which is why flames are visible in the video. It is not the engine itself on fire”.

Also, the Airline further added, “After the landing, the aircraft was inspected by the airport response vehicles as part of the normal operating processes.” The airline clarified that the airplane taxied itself to the gate.

After all the passengers were safely removed from the Boeing 777 jet, they were provided with a booking of another flight for the same night.

Keeping the safety and security of the passengers as the utmost priority, the Boeing 777 jet that malfunctioned will not serve as it has been sent for evaluation and maintenance.

Emergency landings due to mishaps have become quite common, raising concerns about the maintenance the company provides to the jets.