Administration fiasco might hit hard UWP in St Lucia

Administration fiasco might hit hard UWP in St Lucia
Administration fiasco might hit hard UWP in St Lucia

After the announcement of the final dates for the election, the politics in St Lucia have been transformed into a battlefield. This time the St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) have started with their campaigns against the ruling party of St Lucia United Worker Party (UWP).

SLP had started its campaigning in the country where most of their rallies were virtual so that the country should not suffer more from the COVID-19 virus as the citizens of St Lucia had suffered much in the past days during the pandemic under the administration of UWP. On another side, the UWP has been rallying with large gatherings in this time of COVID-19 and organise motorcade.


After the COVID-19 pandemic their has been devastating effects on the significant sectors like the St Lucian economy, many people have become unemployed. They have been facing many difficulties for survival. The lack of jobs also resulted in several people ending their lives because of depression.

While St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is contesting elections with a new Prime Minister face Philip J. Pierre, the United Workers Party (UWP) is all set to have Allen Chastanet for the position again. Even though Pierre is a new face for the office, he had been in politics since 1997. He had been a parliamentary representative for the Castries East constituency for more than two decades.

Philip J. Pierre also raises the issue of farmers during his significant speech. He noted that farmers have been at a vulnerable stage, and there is no bigger agricultural export, Banana farmers at their worst conditions.
Farmers have double problems, on one hand, the natural calamities and secondly, coronavirus pandemic hits very hard to the St Lucian farmers.

When the team of Writeups-24 interacted with the locals, the majority of them gave statements that the UWP government had failed to manage the pandemic situation.

Chris Harris, the local of St Lucia former worker of UWP, said, “I was once a party worker of UWP as my father and grandfather have been working with this party, but during the COVID-19 period I lost both of them, and now we are suffering from the bad financial condition, and till now no help have been given by the party and when we asked them for the help they clearly denied to help as they said they don’t have much money to give them.”

According to Harris, UWP has been investing a large amount in their election campaign instead of giving financial assistance to their old party worker’s family. This shows that UWP has been giving importance to the seats and powers that they would be getting if they would win the elections.