60 parcels of Marijuana found in Sandhill

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Belize: A man and woman were found with over 60 parcels of marijuana in their vehicle in Sandhill, one of the villages of Belize. The country police detained them, and the officers left a vehicle checkpoint in Sandhill Village.

The reports stated that after spotting a vehicle, the police had been looking for it parked in front of Fa’s Store on the Philip Goldson Highway. The officers escorted the occupants of the vehicle to the Ladyville Police Station and then proceeded to search the vehicle.

Inside the vehicle, the police found black garbage bags containing a total of 67 parcels of marijuana. The two bags had different weights, as one weighed 37.15 lb, whereas the other weighed 23.10 lb. 

So many cases of drug trafficking have been seen for so long in the village. The police have been investigating such cases to bring about positive change in the country. This even raises the trust among the residents of the country towards the police officials.

The concern of the individuals on such kinds of issues is of great importance as it is related to their safety and security. People even raised their voice to get such issues addressed as early as possible.

And, the authorities are working so dedicatedly to address the concerns of the citizens. Even the people are appreciating the efforts of the government for the same. One of the citizens even mentioned, “ Good work, Keep up the same way.”

Such a comment by the netizen states that the work being done by the police officials is being recognized by the individuals. Other residents have also mentioned, “This world is corrupt.”

This reflects the state of concern among people about whether such situations can be controlled or not. However, the authorities are doing their work and are investigating the issue.

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