5-year-old mauled by dogs undergoes surgery

5-year-old boy mauled by dogs undergoes surgery

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A little boy from Jamaica got a new chance of living his life after surgery in New York City.

A pack of dogs mauled Five-year-old Mickele Allen last Sunday.

Dr Evan Garfein helped Allen. As Allen’s story reached Dr Garfein, he decided to help Allen.

Dr Garfein said that Allen was attacked by six pit bulls when the child was on his way home from the candy store.

He added that Allen’s brother found him while the dogs were still attacking him.

Allen lost a tremendous amount of blood due to the attack.

After Dr Garfein decided to help, he raised $250,000 in donations for Allen’s medical care, and Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, helped Allen and his mother secure passports and medical visas to fly to the US.

Allen and his mother flew to the US on Friday night, and they had a nurse from Montefiore with them.

Allen went into a nine-hour surgery te very next morning.

About 50 to 60% of Allen’s scalp was torn away by the dogs.

Dr Garfein said that Most of Allen’s forehead, part of his left cheek, his left ear and both arms and legs sustained major injuries.

This surgery is just the start of a series of surgeries for Allen, which would be a long battle with many skin graft and reconstructive surgeries.

However, Allen’s mother Shereen Antoinette Grindley said that the little boy’s spirit is already shining.

She said that she saw her son this morning, and he was recuperating very fast, he was eating and talking, and everything overwhelms her as it is amazing.

Allen’s mother and his entire family are grateful to the Montefiore community and Dr Garfein.

Grindley said that she is so happy, where Allen is coming from and where he is now, and she thanked Dr Garfein and the hospital.