26 year old stabs man to death, victims mother grieves loss

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Guyana: West Coast Berbice man knifed to death on Tuesday by 26 years old Nasiel Allen. The police headquarters at the spot reported the situation.

The police headquarters reported that on Tuesday afternoon, Nasiel Allen was at a shop located at Middle Street Paradise West Coast Barbies, playing Dominoes, during which the two had an argument and a fight ensued. 

A man named Dwayne Bias was murdered and as per the reports, he was not playing Dominoes at the shop. Further, the suspect opened a bowl of food at the shop and pushed it into the victim’s face and thereafter the arguments started.

Then, the argument escalated after the suspect cursed the 27 year old about his mother. Surprisingly in a matter of minutes, Allen pulled out a knife and stabbed Bias on the left side of his abdomen.

Moreover, the victim ran through an empty lot and went into another yard, where he collapsed. Then, he was picked up by his cousin and rushed to the Micone Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Moving ahead, the reports further provided information that a dead man’s mother, Yonat Fraser said family members are still trying to come out of the panic over her son’s demise. Also, she mentioned that the last time she saw her son alive was on Monday. 

Further, his mother, in a state of grief, said that her son used to visit her frequently at Belladrum to collect his lunch. Also, she added that they both were the only ones for one another. 

“He knew, so I don’t know what to do. 26 years old. Just two,” said the dead’s mother in a state of grief.

Considerably, on this the police mentioned that the suspect went to the Weldad Police Station and informed investigators that the victim attacked him first with the piece of wood. 

The suspect then claimed that the deceased ran into a knife, which he had in his hand. Allen was then arrested and placed in custody.

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