16 donor nations cease contributions to UNRWA for Palestinian refugees

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Concerns have been raised as the news regarding 16 nations suspending their contributions to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, permeates internationally.

Multiple nations are appalled by the apparent ramifications of this decision, which could make the humanitarian crisis in Gaza much worse. It must also be considered that the UNRWA is the primary organisation under the remit of the United Nations, which is providing aid and assistance to the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The Government of Belize has expressed that they are profoundly concerned for the people of Gaza as this news develops. It has also highlighted the fact that the UNRWA’s work in Gaza is vital for the survival of many of the people who have been caught up in the conflict between the Israel Defense Force and Hamas.

The United Nations apparatus is also deeply concerned by the decline in funding coming to the UNRWA, stating that the current situation can result in a famine in Gaza, which would put the lives of two million people at risk.

As a result of this revelation, the Government of Belize is making a concerted effort to appeal to other nations to reconsider their stance and continue to contribute to the UNRWA as it is the only form of assistance available to the millions of people in the region, who have lost their livelihoods, property and loved ones.

While Belize urged nations to take action before the situation worsens in Gaza, it also used the opportunity to reiterate that the international fraternity must pursue a complete ceasefire from both Israel and Hamas and proceed to completely demilitarize Gaza to ensure that peace prevails in the region.

The nation has also called for unimpeded access to organisations providing humanitarian aid to those affected by the conflict, especially to safeguard women, children, persons with disabilities and the elderly.

In a positive development on this front, Guyana has pledged that it will donate USD$150,000 to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), for the benefit of those affected by the conflict on Gaza.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Guyana came out with a statement on Thursday, “Guyana’s contribution to UNRWA aligns with our appeals for a more robust international response to the ongoing situation in the Gaza Strip and the protection of civilians impacted by the ongoing conflict. To this end, as an elected member of the United Nations Security Council, Guyana supports a ceasefire to facilitate humanitarian aid into Gaza.”

Guyana has also stated that it has made several donations to the UNRWA for Palestinian people and stands by them as they seek freedom and security for their homeland.

“The Government of Guyana looks forward to a new day for Palestinians and Israelis beyond the constant shadows of war. Guyana is prepared to work as a member of the UN Security Council and with the entire UN membership to accelerate the vision of two independent states living side by side in peace and security and of a peaceful Middle East.”

While the nation continues to squabble over what is the correct approach to take with regards to Gaza, the war between Israel and Hamas has claimed over 25,000 lives since the 7th of October 2023.

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