12 year old boy of Bahamas found alone in car. Picture Credits : Google Images

12-year-old boy from the Bahamas found living alone in a car

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Nassau, Bahamas– The attendance monitors of the school were given a task to figure out the school drop outs. The results discovered a 12-year-old boy living all by himself in the car.

Glenys Hanna Martin- Education Minister stated that the State’s custody has taken the child into consideration, but she refused to share any additional details on the matter.

The Minister while addressing to the Parliament expressed his concern as these are the problems that people face on the daily basis.

They can ignore it and turn to the next way however this issue will anyhow come back to haunt us and will definitely hurt the sentiments of people as a child is not supposed to fall by the wayside.

The most important individuals that should be protected are the children of the nation, remarked Hanna Martin to legislators. She added that despite the challenges, the initiatives to re-connect the absent students have been “very effective”.

She mentioned that in the month of September, school attendance rates have soared to 95 per cent therefore, individuals are actively looking for students.

The main focus is to ensure that students are taken off the streets and given the opportunity to get into classrooms.

They have also witness the significant improvements in academic performance of students after implementing the intervention initiatives to address the learning which was lose during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the survey, it was found that 44 per cent of public-school students are in need of immediate learning intervention. The Minister Martin, also shared that after the third round of testing, preliminary results showed that 60 per cent of the students had demonstrated academic growth.

Out of the students who showed progress are those of 40 per cent who accelerated their learning, and 20 per cent showed typical growth. Moreover, fourth graders really stood out with a remarkable 62 per cent growth in reading.

Although the crucial figure of 44 per cent has revealed its reduction by 4 %, They still have the aim of 40 per cent that requires ongoing attention.

However, they are witnessing growth, and due to their tiring initiatives, the students who were previously at grade level are performing above grade level.

As per the education minister, forty per cent of students have surpassed the grade level, and twenty per cent of learners reached the grade level.

The measures to cope with the loss of learning include:

– Targeting focus on important subjects every term
– Personalized learning
– Support of non-governmental agencies
– Programmes after-school